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For people questioning Mako’s reaction to Korra’s almost death




It wasn’t as dramatic as I thought it would be, but it’s still there

I was expecting Mako to run to Korra’s side along with her father, and tell her not to go, because he can’t imagine his life without her in it. But, nope. There was none of that. That makes me sad and suspicious that Mako doesn’t love her as much as I thought he did. I’m disappointed tonight. :’(

(words from an on-the-fence-slowly-shipping-more-and-more Makorra shipper)

Honest to goodness, I don’t think Mako not running over to Korra means he doesn’t love her. Mako is not the center point of Korra’s universe, she has tons of other loving family and he knows that, because he’s PART of that loving family. You see all those people standing around Korra, holding their breath and watching with scared faces while Tonraq cradles his little baby girl for maybe the last time? Yeah, Mako’s one of them. I think he knows whatever’s happening is out of his hands, and running over there on his knees and practically ripping her out of Tonraq’s arms is not a preferred course of action. That would be more of a hindrance than a help to Korra; what’s Mako going to do? Telling her he loves her won’t make her wake up or leech the poison out of her body, this isn’t a Disney cartoon.

He’s standing there on tenterhooks just like everyone else, hoping something will pull through and she’ll be alright, because she’s Korra and she’s strong as fuck.

Just because his face wasn’t contorted in unadulterated agony and he wasn’t crying or something doesn’t mean he no longer loves her either familialy OR romantically. I feel more like he was probably chanting internally “Please be okay, Korra, come on, you can pull through this, you always do. She can’t die (blah blah blah).” It wasn’t a situation that called for anything less, imo. Korra was week and sick and nobody had any clue what was going to happen, so everyone was rooted to the spot, waiting for her to just get back up because that’s what Korra does.

I know Makorra seems a little hopeless to some people right now, but you can’t just let something like this stop you, because honestly they can’t have a ship be the focus of every single thing that happens. Korra’s world consists of far more than just Mako, and vice versa. They’re not always going to be the first ones on each others scene, yah know.

I think it was enough for him to know she was in good hands, hands of other people that love and care about her. They’d try just as hard as he would if he was the one that had grabbed her tired body before Tonraq did.

So that’s just my two cents. 

(sorry if that sounded hostile, lol, just a little irked people are gathering this from this scene, when it’s so not true to me)


-I have some serious news. We’ve heard that an escaped firebending convict has been spotted near here. Now, I don’t want to panic anyone, but if you see a firebender with a red scarf…

-I see him! He’s right there!

I’m suddenly wondering if Mako lacked enthusiasm because it reminded him of his parents being killed by a firebender and he hated to pretend to be a convict firebender out to hurt people.

Could be over thinking it but, just a thought.

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[Aang] - [Katara] - [Sokka] - [Toph] - [Zuko]

So cool! “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

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People get stronger when they have something to protect.

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after watching the book 3 finale:



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venom of the red lotus + korra in the avatar state

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truth2teatold asked: It's been a few days, but I guess what ticks me off the most is the idea that people watched Book 3 and came away with the idea that Korra at her most traumatised at the end of the finale was character development - as opposed to say, her sitting down in the grove to talk it out with Zaheer before telling him that he was totes wrong, or her decision to sacrifice herself to save the Air Nation because it was a decision Aang might have done as well.


usually i don’t like addressing negative opinions and prefer to focus on the positive, but i have to make an exception for this point. because you’re absolutely right: this is a problem that i’ve seen since the end of season one, when people complained that any “character development” was lost when korra regained an aspect of her soul and wasn’t left beaten and broken without a shell of herself. it’s a problem that’s causing people to praise how “developed” and “humbled” she was for crying at the end of book 3 when she’s a teenage girl who, in her first year out in the world after a lifetime of isolation, has fought three (or four, if we’re including the upcoming video game) major battles not just for her life but also for the world, all while having her entire identity and reason for existing constantly called into question.

believing that character development is only valid when it smooths down korra’s edges and leaves her sad and broken is, quite frankly, disgusting.

there are elements of korra without which she would no longer be korra: her physicality, her willingness to take things head-on and her pride in and acknowledgement of her own power. this is in addition to her empathy and love and straight-up goodness, but those are the things people don’t like. those are the things people think she needs to ditch to be “better.” the problem isn’t even that “character development” doesn’t even have to mean growth (for example, azula’s breakdown at the end of atla certainly wasn’t maturing, but it was very much development), but that people simply want korra to be broken down and sad and to lose her pride and be someone completely different.


korra’s development has been occurring throughout every season. it’s happened in her lashing out in anger and fear while she learns to admit when she’s afraid and to lean on other people. it’s happened in her struggles to marry her personal feelings toward her home and family with the identity that’s been built for her as the avatar, causing her to take out her confusion and frustration on others around her. it’s in her learning how to navigate relationships and when to push and when to step back. it’s happened in her knowing when she’s made mistakes and asking for forgiveness (because korra makes mistakes! she’s going to keep making mistakes!). it’s happened in her recognizing the worth and strength of her own spirit when she thought her power came only from raava. it’s happened, like you said, of her patience with people like zaheer and the earth queen and her willingness to hear another side and listen—but even this is not entirely new! she sat and listened to tarrlok and felt sympathy for him in book 1 after he locked her in a cage and bloodbent her!

but saying that korra’s only showing development because she made a decision that aang would have made too—bullshit. that makes me furious, because that’s nothing to do with how like or unlike aang she is. that’s entirely to do with how like korra she is, and how much she has always been willing to do and give for other people. her leadership skills have developed, her strategy and discussions with her friends and mentors have developed (and tbh it’s almost sad that it has because of how much practice she’s had), but that’s all very much korra. 

tenzin straight-up knows by the beginning of book three how korra—still yelling at president raiko in front of cameras, still punching fire to solve problems when feeling frustrated—has become an example for goodness, and for asking questions and solving problems, and for knowing what’s best at heart for the world. at the beginning of book 1 korra didn’t know anything about the world or the people in it. she’s come so far, and she would have come just as far had she come out of her fight with zaheer unscathed. she feels lost and alone and confused and helpless. but that’s just a result of everything. that’s not ultimately who she is.