jncera asked: Wally suddenly tripped, reached out but grabbed nothing but leaves, and fell backwards down the hill. His stomach turned on itself over and over until his face finally settled on the muddy riverbank. "Go hiking, she said. It'll be fun, she said," he muttered as he wiped his face.


He staggered out of the mess and looked up at the sky, resigning himself to his fate. He would die in the woods- alone, covered in mud, with an intense craving for barbecue flavored chicken whizzies. The end was near. 

He stared up at the hill he now had to climb all over again before he pulled his phone from his pocket. The battery warning flashed 1% before the screen went dark. Perfect. Wally pouted after he stuffed the phone back into his pocket. He let out a rough sigh. 

"You okay? Did you hit your head?" Her bellow echoed from the top of the hill he had just fallen down.

Wally sent the shadowed figure of his girlfriend a glare she surely couldn’t see from that distance and grunted, “No.” 

"Then hurry up, Slowpoke," Artemis laughed. "Do you really want to miss Top Chef tonight?”

He wrapped his fingers around the straps of his backpack and trudged back towards the hill with a firm frown. He glared at the soggy trail as he climbed it carefully, and groaned, “No.”


When they finally reached the car, Wally slumped into the passenger seat and closed his door with what little strength he had left. Artemis’ music started playing the moment she turned the car on, and when he snuck a glance at the time, he mock-sobbed.

"We’re still going to miss it." He pointed out with a defeated sigh.

Artemis turned on the lights, and it was then that he spotted the smile she was fighting. She-

I’m recording it. I set it up right before we left.”

Wally reclined his seat, closed his eyes, and shook his head in disbelief, “I should have known.” 

The revving of the engine sent a pleasant feeling through his aching bones as she pulled out of the parking lot.

"You really should have." 

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You made me Warchief! You left me to pick up your pieces. You failed ME!”

I just Wonder Traded and got a damn shiny Koffing.

…too bad I don’t like Koffing. T_T

I don’t even like mermaids much but here have a mermaid Artemis based on a Longfin Cichlid, me and Veggy are doing a thing.

I don’t even like mermaids much but here have a mermaid Artemis based on a Longfin Cichlid, me and Veggy are doing a thing.



New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)

this means everything to me

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artemis receiving a coke can that says “share a coke with a dad” and proceeding to use it as target practice

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